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Creating better futures


The home focuses on the individual needs of the young people and strive to create an individual package of support which promotes wellbeing and incorporates challenge and achievement. The staff in the home work hard on building positive relationships from the first point of contact with the YP.  They work well on providing the YP with a sense of identity and provide them with the tool set for their future placements.


Professionals Comments,

Me and my colleague came to carry out a contract compliance visit. We received a very warm and courteous greeting; ID was checked twice once by the male staff on answering the door and then by the Manager. Throughout the visit it was evident that the records were very well managed and clearly accessible.


Tyneside Compliance Inspector March 2014,

Hi all,

Great to see …..has settled in so well and is classing as her home. …. has scaled herself as 7 which indicates how well she is feeling. …. appears to have great relationships with staff and the other YP’s. Social Worker

This was my first time visiting; warm atmosphere; …. has settled in well and seems to be building her confidence. IRO

Social Worker and IRO Comments 2014,

“She passed all of her GCSE’s, the highest of any looked after child in the Authority. I am very impressed and it is the right place for her”

Independent Reviewing Officer,

I am very pleased to say that I have found all the staff at Murraythwaite very supportive and accommodation with excellent communication and updates.  Any concerns or issue are dealt with effectively and they have always been more than accommodating with support and requests given as the distance has meant that I have been unable to action or respond to situations as  would usually and the staff have actioned these for me. The fact that the allocated young person themselves regarded this placement as a very nurturing and caring home while there speaks volumes and I am sure despite the positive move into his own supported tenancy he is sad to leave. The staff team have been a real pleasure to work with and it has been my pleasure working with them, a real credit to your organisation.


Social Worker 2015,

“Yeah; I like it and the staff are kind and its is good going out with them on walks and getting to know them more and the meals are good cause we all sit together and talk.”


“I have really enjoyed my time at Highgate the staff have brought me so far while I’ve been here and for making my time happy while being her. Thank you so much”

Parents Feedback , August 2014

Felt very welcomed by the staff…excellent report honest and reflective about the young person 

X commented that she was building a good relationship with the staff, the other young people and was looking forward to starting school. During the meeting X appeared relaxed, able to discuss any matters with the social worker and with deputy manager and towards the end of the meeting was able to make light out of peoples accents, including her own. 

A very positive review. Really happy with progress feel lots of positives and that we have a clear plan to work towards.  

Friendly and welcoming home X has come on leaps and bounds since he has been placed here. Staff have built excellent relationships with X and supported him to work on his independent skills and social skills.  

I have really enjoyed my time here at Highgate the staff team have brought me so far while I have been here and for making my time happy while being here.