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Another Happy Customer

Feedback From A Previous Resident

There has been ups and downs.
My 15 months has been a really
good time, the staff and managers
gave me all the support and love I needed
to help me get back on track, they’ve
helped me to realise my goals and to
reach for them. They helped me turn into the
young woman I am today. I couldn’t of
asked for a better house.

I’ve learned the real dangers that I was putting
myself at by running away, drinking, doing drugs
Murraythwaite made me realise there was so
much more to life. I learned that no matter
how hard something was I wasn’t to give
up I was to keep trying. Like my maths I
really struggled at but they supported me
through it.

Thank you for everything!

Love C (Young person who left Murraythwaite April 2016)

Feedback From Social Worker

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for all the hard work put in for C by the team at Murraythwaite. It was not uneventful but I think it was the most positive placement that C has had.

My experiences of residential care has not always been positive but I was really impressed by how you looked after C and the communication with me was excellent.

– Young Persons Social Workers Comments April 2016

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