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A Note From A Happy Resident

“Great Feedback – You’re Welcome”

It is good to receive positive feedback from our residents, so we would just like to share a letter we received from one of our residents at our Knockenshang house in Dumfrieshire.

I moved into Knockenshang two and a half years ago on the fifth of August twenty thirteen, my home life was very chaotic constantly moving from city to city or with my mum’s “unique” taste in partners.

Unfortunately no one really believed me. However, moving here has completely changed my life for the better the support I have received from Megan and Knockenshang is brilliant and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without them. I am truly grateful for every thing Megan and the team have done for me and I now have a bright future to look onto thanks to the help and support I have received from everyone.

Knockenshang has become more of a home to me over the past two years and the team more of a family. You never feel unwanted and I don’t feel like this is a care home, more like a jumbled family home.

Thanks Tia

      From Knockenshang

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